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Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Monthly Fly Swap

by Justin Ice

Is your fly box looking a little thin? Going on a Fishout and need some new patterns? Or maybe you just
love tying and need something to do with all those flies that aren’t getting wet…
Well, the Fly Swap is just what you need!

Fly swap instructions –
– Fly Swap organizer (leader) chooses the theme and lists the parameters of the swap:

  • Organizer
  • Theme
  • Target Species
  • Fly Type
  • # Of Participants
  • Due Date to Organizer
  • Organizer’s fly pattern

The Swap organizer will be responsible for sending out an announcement of the swap
thru the google group email and coordinating the swap there after (including contact
information and mailing addresses.)

Multiple groups may be running at any given time
(Participants are free to join multiple groups and are only limited to their ability and time

– Number of participants is limited to 6 for each swap group.
– Group members choose any fly pattern meeting the group organizer’s criteria.
– Each participant ties a total of 24 flies of the same size and pattern (4ea. for each of the
group’s members) and then packages the flies for each member separately.

Each package to include the information below:

  • Pattern name
  • Pattern recipe
    •  Hook Mfg. / size / style
    •  Bead / dumbbell / size / color
    •  Thread color / size
    •  Tail Material
    •  Etc.
    •  Optional information

General description and significant back story to pattern chosen 

– After a predetermined duration the flies are delivered to the group leader.
(Consider 2-4 weeks or to coincide with the clubs monthly meeting. If the flies are to be
delivered by mail, include a self-addressed return envelope and stamp)
– The leader then reorganizes the packages of flies for distribution to each member of the
group by either mail or in person (24 total flies for each participate 4 of each pattern tied
by each participant).
If you want to talk it out, feel free to give me a call or send me a message
Justin Ice
408 690 6143