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Trout Nugget class

Feb 08 6:15 PM @ Aptos Grange

Trout Nugget

This fly is designed to catch largemouth bass, large trout and even stripers. As always the class is free and all materials are provided other than thread. Some will be available to borrow. Bring cream 6/0 and brown 6/0 or 8/0. Tools and vises will be available for beginners, who are always welcome and receive much instruction. You can sign up at the club meeting or call Elaine with at least 24 hours notice at 831-688-1561.   For safety, well fitting masks will be required by all.

Future tying classes. Dates and subject may change, please go to Fly Name to see more information.

Date Fly Excerpt
March Poppers Class!Mar 11 - Mar 12 10:00 am - 3:00 pmMarch Poppers Class!

March’s fly tying class is going to be a two day event on March 13 and 14th from noon until 3 pm each day at Elaine’s house.  If you wish to attend, please sign up no later than March 4th. Call Elaine at 831-688-1561 or 831-234-6515.   Allow 4-5 hours each day.

Apr 12 6:30 pm - 8:30 pmHex Mayfly Emerger

Come learn how to tie the largest mayfly in the world which will be important at the fishout at Lake Almanor in June.