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Making Fall Season the Best Fishing Season

Since  my roles as a parent and at work have lightened, I welcome the upcoming fall season as a perfect time for fishing. With Sierra streams returning to their normal levels, cooler weather offering better conditions in local lakes, and a potentially lower risk of heat and fire hazards, the potential is high to turn this season into a wonderful opportunity for fly fishing. Now, how can we all maximize this experience?

Let’s Ignite the Enthusiasm!

We’ve all indulged in fly fishing videos on platforms like YouTube. While some are undeniably captivating, much like action films, they lack the immersive experience of sitting amidst an animated theater crowd, feeling the collective thrill and vitality. The memory may still linger of the Fly Fishing Film Tour’s past appearance at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz. Regrettably, the tour skipped Santa Cruz in recent years and last year, its Bay Area screenings were a no-show. Yet, Justin Ice, a dedicated SCFF Board member, took it upon himself to resurrect the film’s presence in Santa Cruz. As a result, the 2023 film will grace our September and October fly fishing meetings. The decision was made to make the screening open and free for all attendees, fostering a packed house and igniting a sense of festivity and dynamism. Anticipate fantastic door prizes and an array of appealing raffle items.

Even the mere trailers of the film have me itching to head out fishing.

Following that, let’s plan our excursions

From September onwards, I’ve marked my calendar for seven out of eight consecutive weekends for fishing. Am I boasting? Well, guilty as charged. However, the noteworthy detail is that each of these trips is a part of SCFF fishouts, and among them, four are conveniently local (Beach, Beach, Kelly Lake, Forebay). A few years ago, a survey aimed at gauging the most valuable club activities for members—such as education, guest speakers, casting workshops, fly tying sessions, and fishouts—revealed that fishouts took the lead. This year, the club has significantly ramped up the number of fishouts on offer. If you haven’t yet taken part in a club fishout, I highly encourage you to do so. It’s the simplest path to acquainting yourself with fellow club members and discovering new territories or styles of fly fishing.

Share your escapades post-trip

Whether your fishing adventure yields a Personal Best or Personal Bust, your fellow club members would greatly appreciate hearing about it. If you’ve captured an impressive shot and wish to showcase it to the world, simply forward your photo to Jerry McKeon at Alternatively, if you’ve got an anecdote or an image to share exclusively with club members, you can submit it to to feature it in the newsletter. Alternatively, dispatch it to to ensure its delivery to all club members.

My sincere hope is that you leverage the meetings, the fishouts, and the insights, camaraderie, and feedback from your fellow club members to make this fall season your most memorable one yet.

Wishing you tight lines and looking forward to meeting you soon,

Scott Kitayama