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Mallard flank mayfly nymph

by Elaine Cook - flying chairman

The fly tying class this month is an AP nymph. It’s tied in the same manner, but using different materials. This pattern works well for flies sized 12 to 18. The AP nymph is better adapted to the larger hooks like 10 to 14. mayflies come in a variety of colors. More comonly tan, olive, brown and pale  yellow. use same color for thread, mallard, feather, body and thorax.
HOOK: TMC 200 R, sizes 12 to 18.   Crimp barb.
THREAD: color to match body    Attached mid shank, and wrap to rear of shank.
TAIL: Died mallard flank feather.    Stroke barbs so that tips are lined up. Cut approximately 6-10 barbs from stem. Position on top
of shank, tips to rear forming a short tail. (see sample). Attach to top of shank up to 1/3 back from eye. Cut excess.
RIB: Find gold wire.    Attach strand under hook shank back to tail.
BODY: Super fine dubbing. Dub a tapered body up to 1/3 back from eye. Spiral wire forward, 5 wraps. Tie off cut excess.
WING CASE: Died mallard, flank feather.   Prepare the feather in the same manner as above, but select twice the number of barbs.
Position on top of shank with tips to the rear, allowing length to be slightly longer than hook. Tie in place.
THORAX: Same dubbing as body.  A generous, round body. Finishing one eye length behind eye. Bring wing case forward over
thorax and tie down.
LEGS: Divide mallard barbs in half. Tied down one half on far side with tips to the rear, and 1/2 on the near side.
HEAD: Tie a small thread head, and then whip finish. Cut thread.