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We Want You To (WWYT):

As you may know, the club currently has 15 members on the Board of Directors. But did you know that we also have at least 10 others working in the background to help the club flourish? We have a lot of ideas to improve the club and we need more volunteers. Take a look and step up, We Want You!

WWYT organize and lead a fishout: We’re actively expanding our fishout opportunities and are looking for enthusiastic leaders. You don’t need extensive experience or a large group to get started; just a passion for organizing enjoyable fishing outings for our members.

WWYT publicize your business for free: As a club, we want to support our members’ businesses and services. To make this happen, we’re creating a dedicated page on our website to showcase and promote member businesses and organizations that contribute to our club’s success. Let us know about your business so we can feature it!

Facebook Group Administrator: We’re considering using a private Facebook Group to enhance member interaction and engagement. If you’re social media-savvy and passionate about fostering community within our club, volunteering as a Facebook Group Administrator could be a great fit for you. This role involves managing the group, encouraging participation, and sharing exciting updates and content.

WWYT help with the end of year slideshow: Rich Rubin has graciously volunteered to create a slideshow for our January meeting. We’re seeking a volunteer to assist in collecting digital photos from members throughout the year and coordinating with Rich from October to December to ensure a fantastic end-of-year presentation. If you have an eye for visuals and enjoy working collaboratively, this opportunity is perfect for you.

WWYT sell and attend the May 11 Swap Meet: Save the date! Our May 11 swap meet at the Aptos Grange is a fantastic opportunity to buy, sell, and connect with fellow members. Make sure to mark your calendar from 9 am to 1 pm and join us for a fun and lively event.

WWYT help us learn about our members: Understanding our members’ interests, preferences, and feedback is crucial for enhancing our club’s offerings. We’re looking for someone passionate about gathering insights, devising meaningful questions, and developing strategies to engage and serve our diverse membership better. Your input can shape the future of our club activities and initiatives.

WWYT invite your friends to join the club: Our club thrives on the enthusiasm and camaraderie of members. We’re aiming to get our membership to 260 by year-end and believe that our current members are our best advocates. Invite your friends to join us for casting lessons, fly fishing adventures, and a vibrant community of fellow fishing enthusiasts.

If any of these opportunities resonates with you or if you have any questions, please reach out. Your involvement and contributions are invaluable in making our club flourish.

Scott Kitayama