Date:  May 8, 1924

Time:  Door is open at 6:15 PM, class begins at 6:30

Place:  Aptos Grange Hall

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Foam beetle

by Elaine Cook - fly tying chairman

As we all prepare for trout fishing this spring and summer, terrestrials are important to have in your box. Be sure to sign up for the class by calling me at 831-234-6515, or you can sign up at the main club meeting. It’s important to have at least 24 hours notice so that material packets can be made. As always, the class is free, materials are provided, and tools and vises are available for beginners. If you have black 8/0 thread, please bring it. This will be a great class for beginners as well. A couple of twists for more experience tiers who want to see something a little different and a little more realistic.