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May 2024 Table of Contents

May Meeting: Alaska………………
May Raffle……………………
President’s Line……………………
Fly Tying……………………
 May Class: Foam Beetle
 Fly of the Month: X-Caddis
Conservation Concerns……………
 Profile: Wild Steelheaders United
Membership Notes…………………
 May 11 – Swap Meet
 Club Activities – May
 2024 Roster Available @ May Meeting
Gearing Up…………………
  Fishout Schedule – May
Cartoon ……………………

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Jesse Collins: Fishing Alaska

May 01 6:30 PM at the Aptos Grange
Zoom link:


Club Member Jesse Collins is a former guide who first started guiding on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula in 2007. He grew up within walking distance of the Chattahoochee River and started flyfishing when his grandfather took him to see the premier of “River Runs Through It” in 1992. For over 30 years Jesse has been tying flies and fly fishing and has fished all over America from the southeast tailwaters like the Taccoa, Chattahoochee, and South Holston Rivers, to the Great Lakes Tributaries, Pennsylvania Spring Creeks, Appalachian Freestones, Western rivers like the Madison, Yellowstone, and the Beaverhead, all the way to Alaska. He is passionate about all things fly fishing and one of his favorite places in the world is Alaska where he makes it back every year.

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May Meeting Raffle

by Jeff Goyert


Spring is here in full bloom, the rains are over, Summer is just around the corner. Sounds like it is time to get serious about fishing! With that in mind we have some great raffle prizes up for grabs. This month choose between an Euro-Nympth Fly Rod/DVD set, an Echo 6/7 Arbor Reel, or a Mokelumne Gear Bag.

Don’t miss out, buy your lucky raffle tickets. The online ticket sales office will close at noon on 5/01/24.

Raffle tickets cost a dollar each, $20 bucks gets you 25. Click on the following link to  purchase your lucky raffle tickets:

Participation in the monthly raffle helps the Club’s conservation and scholarship programs, your support is greatly appreciated. 

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We Want You To (WWYT):

As you may know, the club currently has 15 members on the Board of Directors. But did you know that we also have at least 10 others working in the background to help the club flourish? We have a lot of ideas to improve the club and we need more volunteers. Take a look and step up, We Want You!

WWYT organize and lead a fishout: We’re actively expanding our fishout opportunities and are looking for enthusiastic leaders. You don’t need extensive experience or a large group to get started; just a passion for organizing enjoyable fishing outings for our members.

WWYT publicize your business for free: As a club, we want to support our members’ businesses and services. To make this happen, we’re creating a dedicated page on our website to showcase and promote member businesses and organizations that contribute to our club’s success. Let us know about your business so we can feature it!

Facebook Group Administrator: We’re considering using a private Facebook Group to enhance member interaction and engagement. If you’re social media-savvy and passionate about fostering community within our club, volunteering as a Facebook Group Administrator could be a great fit for you. This role involves managing the group, encouraging participation, and sharing exciting updates and content.

WWYT help with the end of year slideshow: Rich Rubin has graciously volunteered to create a slideshow for our January meeting. We’re seeking a volunteer to assist in collecting digital photos from members throughout the year and coordinating with Rich from October to December to ensure a fantastic end-of-year presentation. If you have an eye for visuals and enjoy working collaboratively, this opportunity is perfect for you.

WWYT sell and attend the May 11 Swap Meet: Save the date! Our May 11 swap meet at the Aptos Grange is a fantastic opportunity to buy, sell, and connect with fellow members. Make sure to mark your calendar from 9 am to 1 pm and join us for a fun and lively event.

WWYT help us learn about our members: Understanding our members’ interests, preferences, and feedback is crucial for enhancing our club’s offerings. We’re looking for someone passionate about gathering insights, devising meaningful questions, and developing strategies to engage and serve our diverse membership better. Your input can shape the future of our club activities and initiatives.

WWYT invite your friends to join the club: Our club thrives on the enthusiasm and camaraderie of members. We’re aiming to get our membership to 260 by year-end and believe that our current members are our best advocates. Invite your friends to join us for casting lessons, fly fishing adventures, and a vibrant community of fellow fishing enthusiasts.

If any of these opportunities resonates with you or if you have any questions, please reach out. Your involvement and contributions are invaluable in making our club flourish.

Scott Kitayama

Date:  May 8, 1924

Time:  Door is open at 6:15 PM, class begins at 6:30

Place:  Aptos Grange Hall

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Foam beetle

by Elaine Cook - fly tying chairman

As we all prepare for trout fishing this spring and summer, terrestrials are important to have in your box. Be sure to sign up for the class by calling me at 831-234-6515, or you can sign up at the main club meeting. It’s important to have at least 24 hours notice so that material packets can be made. As always, the class is free, materials are provided, and tools and vises are available for beginners. If you have black 8/0 thread, please bring it. This will be a great class for beginners as well. A couple of twists for more experience tiers who want to see something a little different and a little more realistic.

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by Elaine Cook - fly tying chairman

When you talk about a “go to fly”, this has to be one of them. It’s an emerging caddis pattern, is easy to tie, uses few materials, floats nicely, lands on the water easily, and fish like it very well. NOTE: Directions are written for a size 16 hook. Adjust amount of material for other sizes.
HOOK: TMC 100, SIZES 14–20.    Crimp barb.
THREAD: olive or tan (to match body) 8/0.
Attached behind eye.
Touching wraps to mid shank.
SHUCK: ginger or amber , Micro Zelon,  Sparkle Emerger Yarn, or spooled Antron.
Separate fibers with bodkin.
Moisten fibers for easy handling.
Select about five strands.
Lay on top of shank, tips extending two shank lengths beyond eye.
Tie in place with 3 to 4 wraps.
Fold the forward Zelon to the rear.
Tie place with touching wraps to rear of shank.
Cut Zelon to shank length.
BODY: olive or tan Antron dubbing.
Dub a cigar shaped body forward to one eye length behind eye.
Trim wild hairs.
WING: Deer hair – medium thick fiber, with tips marked.
Cut clump of fibers from hide.
Clean out under fur. Finished clump should equal size of a wooden matchstick.
Hold clump above shank, tips above center of shuck.
Make one wrap around hair only, then three or four around hair and shank. The hairs will flare.
Stroke, butt fibers forward and upward into a bundle out over the eye.
Hold wing hairs in a bundle to the rear on top of the shank.
Make 10 touching thread wraps to the rear making a collar.
Advance thread to behind eye     That’s good honey
Bring forward hair upward and forward into a clump.
Cut hair fibers at an angle so they equal two eyed lengths long. See photo.
Half hitch behind eye 4-5 times.
Cut thread.
Super Glue to  collar and tie off threads.

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Profile–Wild Steelheaders United

by Bob Garbarino

This year the Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Club board of directors approved an increase in the conservation budget from $3,000 to $4,000. This was made possible by our increase in memberships, your generous donations and fundraiser/raffle participation. I hope you all realize that you are helping conservation efforts that we believe are aligned with improving and protecting our fisheries. One of the goals this year put forth by our President, Scott Kitayama, is to encourage more participation in the club committees. As our club size increases, the board would appreciate some help.  I was fortunate to have Mary Hermansky, Dougald Scott and Rich Hughett help with putting together the conservation proposal for this year. They all have a lot of experience and provided some relevant perspective and fresh ideas.
For this month’s article, I’m going to provide a profile on one of the new additions to our list of organizations: Wild Steelheaders United.

Mission: Wild Steelheaders United (an organization within Trout Unlimited) was established to educate and mobilize the numerous wild steelhead advocates wanting to engage in the Initiative. It is a place where anglers can become more informed about wild steelhead biology and ecology, keep abreast of policy issues, and learn about TU’s conservation work.   Some of their projects in California:

Carmel River: San Clemente Dam Removal and River Re-route Project—Wild Steelheaders United and Trout Unlimited helped gain permits, approvals, and funding for the largest dam removal project in California’s history (so far). This project restored fish passage to more than 25 miles of mainstem and spawning tributaries in this once-productive wild steelhead river. A mere three years after the project’s completion, the winter steelhead run here increased significantly.

Carmel River: Rancho Canada land acquisition and conversion to regional park—Water rights experts from Wild Steelheaders United and Trout Unlimited played a key role in negotiating the terms of and obtaining funding for this landmark transaction, which converted an old 36-hole golf course to regional park land and keeps 300 acre-feet of water per year in the lower Carmel River to improve wild steelhead habitat and migration conditions in a reach that sometimes dries back.

Klamath River restoration—in 2016, Trout Unlimited joined the States of California and Oregon, tribes, federal agencies and other stakeholders in signing the amended Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement, which paves the way for removing four antiquated dams on this legendary steelhead fishery, resolving decades of stubborn water quality problems and re-opening more than 400 miles of good spawning and rearing habitat for salmon and steelhead. In 2018, the Klamath River Renewal Corporation submitted to the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission its Definitive Plan for taking over the license for these dams from the utility PacifiCorp and then removing them, while the State of Oregon issued its
certification under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act that the removal of JC Boyle Dam would not impair water quality upstream of the California-Oregon border.

Protecting steelhead habitat and water quality on public lands in northwest California— Eel and Trinity Rivers—TU and Wild Steelheaders United are the lead sportsmen’s groups working to permanently protect key steelhead habitats in the Eel and Trinity Rivers—two of the most famous steelhead streams in the West. These rivers flow largely through public lands. In 2018, Congressman Jared Huffman and Senator Kamala Harris introduced legislation to accomplish this goal, through a package of new land and water designations, forest and watershed restoration measures, development of new and enhanced recreational infrastructure, and restoration of illegal cannabis cultivation sites.

TU’s California Water Project completes fish passage and habitat restoration projects that benefit steelhead—In recent years TU and Wild Steelheaders United have led multiple restoration projects in coastal steelhead waters, including agricultural water supply solutions in the steelhead factories of Pescadero and San Gregorio Creeks; Mill and Yellowjacket Creeks (important spawning and rearing tributaries to the Russian River); and Pennington Creek, a steelhead stream that connects to Morro Bay near San Luis Obispo.

San Geronimo Creek/Lagunitas Creek restoration—In 2019 TU and Wild Steelheaders United partnered with the Trust for Public Land to acquire and begin restoration of a former golf course on San Geronimo Creek, an important tributary to Lagunitas Creek, which harbors the last best run of wild coho salmon in California and also supports steelhead. TU volunteers have played a lead role in restoration efforts on Lagunitas Creek for many years, and TU’s North Coast Coho Project will lead the San Geronimo Creek restoration work.

The information source for this article came from Check out this site for much more information. For a conservation atlas and a steelhead fishing trip planner, go to   Also, Tim Frahm and Christy Fischer of our local TU Steinbeck Country Chapter were primary forces in the success of many of the projects listed above.

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Club Activities – May

Date Activity Link DescriptionLocation
May 11 9:00 am - 1:00 pmSwap Meet at Aptos Grange - 2024

Swap meet at the Aptos Grange parking lot. 9am to 1 pm. All things fishing/outdoors!

Aptos Grange
May 18 1:30 pm - 3:00 pmFly Casting Meetup

All are welcome from beginners to experienced casters.  This is a good time to continue working on and enjoying your progress with effectively casting your fly-line -whether it’s 25, 35, 40, or 50 feet – 90% of your fishing casting.  We will continue to work on this foundation for everyone who wants to successfully and enjoyably pickup their fly rod and cast exactly where you want – time after time.  Bring your rod and reel if appropriate, and I will also have the nice club rods we have so you can toss one of those around too.

Jade Street Park baseball field
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Fishout Schedule – May

The newsletter provides brief fishout info.  For full detail, go to the website menu and select EVENTS -> Fishout Schedule

May 04 : Rio Del Mar State Beach Surf Fishout

Rio Del Mar State Beach Surf Fishout
First Surf Fishout of 2024! Saturday May 4th 2024 5:55AM Location: Rio Del Mar State Beach Read More

Jun 01 : June Surf Fishout – Beer Can Beach

June Surf Fishout - Beer Can Beach
Surf fish-out Saturday October 7, followed by breakfast at Mike Lovejoy's. Important location information and breakfast information Read More

Jun 07 : Burney and Around – UPDATED-

Burney and Around - UPDATED-
Fishmaster: Alex Ferber Location: Lakes, rivers and streams of the Burney area Species: Trout Duration: 3 Days Cost: No Cost Meet Up: 8am - Friday 6/07 Hat Creek Park off Hy 299 (See the map below). The park is approximately 10 minutes from the highway 299/80 junction. The park is on the left hand side… Read More

Jun 14 : Clarks Fork Stanislaus River – Fishout (Stanislaus Fly Fishing Club)

Clarks Fork Stanislaus River - Fishout (Stanislaus Fly Fishing Club)
June 14th-16th, is a weekend outing to Clark Fork with an option for Beardsley Afterbay. This can also be a one-day trip for those who can’t make the whole weekend.  Trailer access available, and Stillwater opportunities for those with kayaks, drift boats, or float tubes.  Casual trip to finish and have fun. Read More

Jun 22 : Lake Almanor/Hex Hatch -June 22nd thru 29th- 2024 -UPDATED-

Lake Almanor/Hex Hatch -June 22nd thru 29th- 2024 -UPDATED-
Fishmaster: Tim Loomis - 831- 345-8411 / The Lake Almanor fishout is typically scheduled for the last weeks of June (22nd - 29th). This time period is, hopefully, the peak of the annual Hexagenia hatch that begins generally mid-June and runs through mid-July. The most productive fishing takes place early evenings on into past… Read More

Jul 06 : Palm Beach Surf Fishout

Location: Palm Beach State Park  Species: Surf Perch, Striped Bass  Min./Max Participants: NO Limit Cali Surf Style Gear: 6-8wt. Rods with full sinking lines or shooting heads to match the rod. Polarized glasses (safety), Mandatory Accessories: Wader Belt & Stripping Basket (If a basket is needed, some maybe available to borrow or purchase. Please contact the… Read More

Jul 07 : Loreto Fly Fishing Trip *UPDATED*

Loreto Fly Fishing Trip *UPDATED*
Sign Up Now! Experience a new HIGH! Fish for Dorado, and many other salt-water fish, including Bonito, Roosters, Yellowtail and Sailfish on a fly! Join the group going to Loreto in Baja July 7th through the 11th This trip includes: Four nights at the beautiful Hotel La Mission, on the water-front next to the Loreto… Read More

Jul 21 : Kennedy Meadows / Sonora Pass – Fish-Out 2024

Kennedy Meadows / Sonora Pass - Fish-Out 2024
Kennedy Meadows Resort & Pack Station / Baker & Deadman campground.   If you want to stay in a cabin, you should try to get a reservation now.  The cabins generally roll over annually with returning guests from the previous year.   The Hogye's will be in Cabin 11.   Rates range from $115 - 260 per… Read More

Aug 03 : Rio Del Mar State Beach Surf Fishout

Rio Del Mar State Beach Surf Fishout
Location: Rio Del Mar State Beach Target Species: Surf Perch and Stripers Gear: 6-8wt. Rods with full sinking lines or shooting heads to match the rod. Polarized glasses (safety), Mandatory Accessories: Wader Belt & Stripping Basket (If a basket is needed, some maybe available to borrow or purchase. Please contact the Fishmaster ahead of time. Also there… Read More

Sep 07 : Manresa Beach

Location: Manresa State Beach Target Species: Surf Perch and Stripers Gear: 6-8wt. Rods with full sinking lines or shooting heads to match the rod. Polarized glasses (safety), Mandatory Accessories: Wader Belt & Stripping Basket (If a basket is needed, some maybe available to borrow or purchase. Please contact the Fishmaster ahead of time. Also there are many… Read More

Sep 21 : Mammoth Fishout -Sept. 21-Oct.5

Mammoth Fishout -Sept. 21-Oct.5
UPDATED - 4/24/2024 -  Three spots open first week,  second week is full. Sign Ups: As a reminder, it is important to sign up early or this Fishout.  Half of the spots have been filled. Call John Cook letting him know which week, both or private room. Payment is required to secure our spot we… Read More

Oct 01 : O’Neill Forebay ‘Stosh’ Memorial Fishout (Final Date TBD)

Event: O'Neill Forebay 'Stosh' Memorial Fishout Date: Date to be updated as we get closer to October (I will be looking for a weekend with a 'skinny' moon, less night feeding for the fish) Target Gamefish: Striped Bass Location: Medeiros Campground located on the Southern Shoreline of the O'Neill Forebay, access off of Santa Nella… Read More

Oct 05 : Last Surf Fishout of 2024!

Location: Palm Beach Target Species: Surf Perch and Stripers Gear: 6-8wt. Rods with full sinking lines or shooting heads to match the rod. Polarized glasses (safety), Mandatory Accessories: Wader Belt & Stripping Basket (If a basket is needed, some maybe available to borrow or purchase. Please contact the Fishmaster ahead of time. Also there are many DIY… Read More