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Green Flashy Clouser

by Elaine Cook - fly tying chairman

The clouser fly is designed to go after stripers either our local surf, Delta, O’Neill Forbay. and other waters that hold stripers. This is a style of tying a fly, and there are many different this one has been used successfully in the past at the Forbay and since fish are going for larger fish now this pattern has been increased in size.
HOOK: Mustard 34007 size 1/0 and 2/0.     Crimp bar
THREAD: white strong thread Such as: 3/0 monocord, flat waxed nylon, Dannille 2/0, Ultra thread 140 denier    Attach 1/3 back shank. Lay down thread base halfway to eye. Position thread 1/4 back on shank.
EYES: barbell eyes, either white or red with black pupil  Sizes 1/30 or 1/40 ounce. Attached to top of shank with figure 8 wraps and snug parachute wraps. Apply superglue, or similar. Allow to dry. leave thread hanging in front barbells.
LOWER BODY: chartreuse crystal flash. NOTE: for this and other materials being used, moisten for easy handling.Place center of 14 strands on top of shank where thread hangs. Make two thread wraps, move thread to behind barbells. Fold forward strands backward over top of barbells. Wrap, snuggly and place. advance thread to in front of barbells. Cut length to 2 1/2 inches from front of hookeye.
LOWER BODY CONTINUED: Mega Baitfish Emulator, flash pearl color. Get from Hairline Dubbin Inc.    NOTE: this material comes with ends stitch to a cloth strip. Cut a 5/8 inch piece of cloth strip. Hold material as a bundle, cut off cloth drip. Lay  center of bundle on top of shank and attached the same as crystal flash. advance thread to in front of barbells. cut to length of crystal flash
LOWER BODY CONTINUED: white bucktail.    Use clump about 3/4 the diameter of a wooden matchstick. Even tips by pulling out long tip fibers and stacking them on other fibers. Position tips at rear ends of mega bait fish. Secure in place with several snug thread wraps in front of barbells. Cut butt ends at an angle behind hookeye.. Tie down butt ends and trim any whiskers. Build up a thread nose with many thread wraps. Bring bundle over barbells snuggly tied down, keeping bundle on top of shank. With finish, cut thread, apply zap gap to all thread wraps and deer hair over bar bills. Allowed to dry.
UPPER BODY: Fire Fly peacock color,   Turn hook upside down. Reattached thread behind hook eye. Place center of bundle on top of shank where thread hangs.Make 2 thread wraps. Fold forward fibers backward. With touching thread wraps, tie in place back to barbells, then forward to hookeye. Whip  finish, cut thread. Apply glue to all thread wraps. Trimfibers to length of mega beta fish.