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Stanislaus Fly Fishers Swap Meet Announcement

by Paul Wallace Stanislaus Fly Fishers Board Member

Stanislaus Fly Fishers is having a Swap Meet instead of their July Meeting.

The event is Tuesday July 9th, 6pm at the Tuolumne River Lodge (comes up on Google maps) (across the river from the Modesto Airport). There is more information on our webpage, and a registration form. Please pre register so we have enough tables.

Please let me know if there is any further info you’d like!

Paul Wallace

1st Annual SFF Swap Meet – July 9, 2024 6PM
Our July 9, 2024 general meeting will feature a Fly Fishing Gear Swap. Have excess gear you’re looking to turn into cash? Have cash and are looking to buy some pre-owned gear fished only by a little old lady on Sundays after church? (Okay … that’s a stretch.) If you’ve got gear to clear, register now and reserve a table (or two) or half-table. Note: All sellers are solely responsible for conducting their own transactions. The Stanislaus Fly Fishers will not act as a third party in any transactions.