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Iris Caddis

by Elaine Cook----fly tying chairman

This emerging caddis is fished in the surface film using a floating line. Apply floatent to the loop wing only.

Hook: TMC 100   sizes 14-18

Thread: tan 8/0

Shuck: Amber Z-Lon or spooled Antron

Body: tan Hairtron or Hairline dubbing

Wing: white Z-Lon or Antron

Thorax: same as body AND dubbing wax

Head: thread

1. Crimp Barb.

2. Apply thread 1/3 back on shank.

3. Separate strand of shuck material in half. Tie to top of shank from tie-in to a little around bend of hook. Cut length equal to 1/2 hook shank long.

4. Dub a generous body up to tie in. Brush backward a little to make rough.

5. Tie in wing material on your side of shank. Form a loop that extends to rear of shank. Tie in on far side of shank at original tie in location. Cut excess. Wrap down butts.

6. Apply dubbing wax to a couple inches of thread. Using touch method, apply small amounts of dubbing to thread. Wrap a generous, shaggy thorax forward to hook eye. Wet fingers, pull forward dubbing backward. Make several thread wraps forming a head. Whip finish, cut thread. Brush thorax fibers back a little forming a shaggy fly.