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July 2021 Table of Contents

No Club Meeting in July

General Meeting……………………
 Our first in-person meeting: August BBQ!
Monthly Raffle……………………
 Future Raffle Goodies
President’s Line…………………….
 Let’s Go Fly-Fishing!
Fly Tying……………………
  Window Tint Chironomid
  Balanced Leech – August fly tying class
  Iris Caddis
Conservation Concerns……………
  Lahontan trout stocking in Lake Tahoe
  17 Million Chinook Salmon Release In California Bays Planned
  After 10 years of Decline The Klamath River Headed for Recovery
Membership Notes…………………
  2021 Membership Rosters available
  Thank You letters from scholarship recipients
  Beginner’s Roll Cast Instruction
Fishout Schedule…………………
Gearing Up……………………….…
  Manresa State Beach Surf Fishing July 3, 2021
  Alaska Trip
  Mammoth Fishout
Gone Fishing……………………….…
  The Registers enjoying the Trinity Alps
  Wild surf and fun fishing!
Reel News……………………….…
  Northern Calif. Council, Fly Fishers International July 2021 Report

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Our first in-person meeting: August BBQ!

by By Vice President Kevin Murdock

In the pre-COVID days, our July meetings were typically the lightest attended of the year. Our membership clearly wanted to be on the road over the 4th of July holiday. Accordingly, we would hang a ‘gone fishing’ sign on our monthly general meeting. That’s what we’re doing this July. Enjoy the holiday, go fishing. We’ll reconvene with a special meeting in August.  For our August meeting, we’ll get together at a new location for our annual summer  B-B-Q. This year, we’ll meet at 6:30 pm at the Sheriff’s Posse House on the Ocean St extension in Santa Cruz. It’s located about a half mile beyond the cemetery. Ample parking and outdoor seating come with the venue.  The club will host a burger and hot-dog cookout with all the fixings.    We’ll also hold a fishing swap-meet/flea market. Bring your gently or un-used gear to the meeting for cash or trade.   There is also a perfect field for casting demonstrations and competitions. Bring your favorite rod and cast for prizes.

The Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Posse Grounds

This will be our first opportunity in what seems like forever to meet and greet in person. Please, if you are un-vaxed, wear a mask for your own protection.

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Future Raffle Goodies

Even though we have no meeting in July, I thought I would give a little tease of things to come in the way of raffle prizes. As you can see in the photo,  it looks like I have the makings of  small fly shop with all the prizes that I have stashed away; rods, reels, flies, nets, fly boxes and gear bags. On top of that, we’ve got the new John Gierach book,  a Simms fish whistle, and a  certificate for a Humble Heron guided fishing trip. Wow, lots of cool stuff.

The raffles will start up again with the September meeting both on-line and in-person at the actual meeting. Remember two things: the club really appreciates your support and to win, all you need to do is buy the lucky ticket.
Questions,  comments,  or suggestions are always welcome.
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Let’s Go Fly-Fishing!

by Thomas Hogye

Let’s go fly-fishing!!   Happy Summer everyone!   I hope at this writing you’re all making plans to get out and do some fly-fishing in the coming days or you’re already gone doing just that.  Send us some photos we can share with the world – .


While California is a bit short on water this year, that means flows are very manageable and fish are hungry.   Mona and I had an epic adventure over the Memorial Day weekend and are planning another trip around the Sierra Mountain streams in late July.  Best way to spend our 30th Anniversary together.   It was really surprising and fun to find miles and miles of dirt roads and off-road trails we were able to explore in our truck.   Many of you have likely been to Crowley Lake, fly-fishing, but did you know there are incredible “columns” on the backside of the lake that make it look like you’re in Greece?   But access is literally a good mile and a half hike on trails.   Fly Fishing Hot Creek is great, but have you also seen the geothermal hot springs?   Have you ever seen the 3 mile long lava flow of some of the largest obsidian deposits just south of Mammoth?  Chidago Canyon Gold Mines?   Have you heard of Cerro Gordo – once the largest silver mine in California?   The Alabama Hills and Movie Road?   Haystack Mountain?  (UH spoiler alert – there is no hay!) Climb Mt. Whitney?   Come on people!  Get out there!!


Kennedy Meadows/ HWY 108

If you’re relatively new to fly-fishing, and love camping where it’s not too remote, Mona and I have been enjoying the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus along Highway 108 for 30 years.    Dry-fly and nymph fishing to both planted and wild fish is generally quite good.   Most of the fish are in the 10” range, but some surprising large fish are there.    The campgrounds along the river are easy to access and nice.   Kennedy Meadows Pack station/resort is at the base of Sonora Pass and if you love exploring the mountains away from Yosemite, this is the place to do it.  You can pack horses, do day trips, or hourly trail rides.   Cabins, a store, restaurant and saloon are all favorites of many for decades.   The pass rises from 6,300 feet to over 10,000 feet in 9 miles.       If anyone is interested in hanging out with us at Kennedy Meadows in late July – let me know.   Fly-fishing the meadow all day is second to nothing.


No July Meeting

Historically there is no general meeting in July as it falls right around the 4th and many are in fact fishing.  But there will be a fly-tying class and our Board Meeting – if you’re interested in becoming part of the team.


August BBQ and Swap Meet – Sherriff’s Posse Hall – Ocean Street Extension

August will be our first physical gathering since March of 2020.   It is our August BBQ and Swap Meeting.    It will be held at the Santa Cruz Sherriff’s Posse Hall on Ocean Street extension.  It’s an awesome outdoor country venue.    Hot dogs, burgers, Beans, Potato Salad and who knows what else!   Remember, if you bring something to the swap meet, please be prepared to take it home if someone doesn’t want it.   I’m particularly excited because we have been blessed with so many new members who have never experienced a physical club meeting yet.   While this won’t be like our general meeting, it is surely something to look forward to as we start getting together again.    September meeting we’re hoping to have at the Grange Hall.  More details in your newsletter to come.


Thank you.

Special shout out to David South and Bob Peterson for the excellent work handing out scholarships at the high-schools this year.    There is interest in making these scholarships larger in dollar amounts.    If you’d like to participate for next year, let us know.  We’d love to do more for the students, the future of our sport and this planet.


Thank you to Jerry McKeon, Scott Kitayama, and Carly Blanchard for the terrific work on the website, Instagram, Facebook page, and the Club Roster, it has helped us stay so connected and active in the very best way.   It was so nice to hear guest speakers say how awesome our club is, how funny we are, engaged, and how many people have been making the Zoom meetings – 38 last month for Brian O’Keefe’s presentation on photographing fish, wild-life, …   Really amazing.   He will be back next year for sure.


Thank you, Elaine and all your guest Fly-Tiers, helping us get through quite a year navigating Zoom and getting fly-tying materials to everyone.


Jeff Goyert and Micheal McGannon for putting together the most awesome and engaging raffle items and SCFF merch to buy – and more to come!


Steve Rudzinski, thank you for going out of your way with the Jade Street Park casting fun and Sam Bishop, for helping with that and so many fish-outs close to home.


Thanks to everyone of you on the board, members, guests and those who support the membership, our goals, objectives, who helped us thrive during these most interesting times. I would not have been able to do this without each and every one of you.


I look forward to finally seeing all of you again, in person.   But if I miss you this time – it’s because we’re fishing!!  ?



Date:  July 14, 2021

Time:  6:30 pm

Place:  Zoom

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Window Tint Chironomid

by Guest Instructor - Matt Twisselman

This fly utilizes automotive window tint film for the body.  It is easy to tie and an important fly to have when fishing stillwater.

Note:   The class is on July 14,  if you contact matt early, he can mail it to you or pick it up at Matt’s house in Scott’s Valley.  Matt’s cell phone is 831-419-7333 or send your address for mailing to



Date:  8/11/21

Time:  6:30

Place:  Zoom

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Balanced Leech – August fly tying class

by Jerry McKeon

At first glance this fly looks like your typical wooly bugger but it’s not.  It’s tied in a way that allows it to hang in the water column in a horizontal plane or balanced.  Hung under an indicator in choppy water the fly pulses and swims  the way a baitfish or leech does.  Professional fly anglers like Phil Rowley and Brian Chan are big advocates for this pattern on still waters for trout and I’ll vouch for it as a great bass pond fly.

The body of this fly is created using a dubbing loop so some kind of dubbing whirl tool is needed.  Dubbing looped bodies are also very effective for nymphs and other streamers so this is a good technique to know.  If you need more info, check out this video with options for dubbing whirls:

Class is 8/11/21 @6:30PM on Zoom.

Please email by 7/29 and include your address so I can mail you the materials.  The days leading up to the class I will be out of town and unavailable to reach which is why I’m asking for the early RSVP.

Hope to see you there, Jerry




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Iris Caddis

by Elaine Cook----fly tying chairman

This emerging caddis is fished in the surface film using a floating line. Apply floatent to the loop wing only.

Hook: TMC 100   sizes 14-18

Thread: tan 8/0

Shuck: Amber Z-Lon or spooled Antron

Body: tan Hairtron or Hairline dubbing

Wing: white Z-Lon or Antron

Thorax: same as body AND dubbing wax

Head: thread

1. Crimp Barb.

2. Apply thread 1/3 back on shank.

3. Separate strand of shuck material in half. Tie to top of shank from tie-in to a little around bend of hook. Cut length equal to 1/2 hook shank long.

4. Dub a generous body up to tie in. Brush backward a little to make rough.

5. Tie in wing material on your side of shank. Form a loop that extends to rear of shank. Tie in on far side of shank at original tie in location. Cut excess. Wrap down butts.

6. Apply dubbing wax to a couple inches of thread. Using touch method, apply small amounts of dubbing to thread. Wrap a generous, shaggy thorax forward to hook eye. Wet fingers, pull forward dubbing backward. Make several thread wraps forming a head. Whip finish, cut thread. Brush thorax fibers back a little forming a shaggy fly.


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Lahontan trout stocking in Lake Tahoe

by Steve Rudzinski

Article from

Our first two stockings of the 2021 season in Lake Tahoe are complete! This week we stocked 5,083 10 inch Pilot Peak Lahontan Cutthroat Trout on the Nevada side. To monitor and evaluate Pilot Peak LCT growth, survival, and movement around the Lake, 30% of those trout were FLOY tagged with a unique ID and phone number so that anglers can report their catch and help us collect this vital information. Thank you to the Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada, Nevada Department of Wildlife, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the U.S. Forest Service-Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit for the ongoing collaboration in providing a native trout for recreational angling opportunities in Lake Tahoe.

​Fun Facts:
-Lahontan Cutthroat Trout are the only trout native to Lake
-Lahontan Cutthroat Trout is the state fish of Nevada.
-Lahontan Cutthroat Trout are the Largest inland cutthroat trout in the world.

(Photo Credits USFWS)

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17 Million Chinook Salmon Release In California Bays Planned

by Conservation Contributor Bob Garbarino

It is estimated that up to 95% of wild salmon habitat has been wiped out by damming of rivers in California. Hatcheries have helped make up for the impact of dams.  Now amid the ongoing drought, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has launched a program to release 17 million Chinook Salmon smolt into San Francisco Bay and others—including Monterey Bay. The fish are being loaded in trucks from hatcheries and transported to the bay and released. Historically, the fish have been released into rivers and streams.  But, with drought-induced low flows coupled with warmer temperatures, the survival rate is extremely low. The hope is that more fish will have a better survival rate (estimated to be about 80%) which could provide some support for the $900 million commercial and sport salmon fishing business in the state. For more information, check out the web link.

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After 10 years of Decline The Klamath River Headed for Recovery

by Mark Rockwell, President, NCCFFI

The Klamath River was once the third most productive salmon & steelhead river in the lower 48, but more than 100 years ago four dams were built on it that blocked 250+ miles of spawning & rearing habitat. The license to operate those dams has now been transferred from PacifiCorp, a subsidiary of Berkshire-Hathaway, to the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) and the states of Oregon & California.

The license will transfer solely to KRRC later in 2021, and dam removal work will begin in the summer of 2022. The Kiewit Corporation will start decommissioning in January 2023, with all four dams removed by Fall 2023. Resource Environmental Solutions will implement & monitor restoration work after removal.

The Northern California Council of Fly Fishers International participated in early Klamath discussions in 2003; in 2004 Tribes, State & Federal agencies and other NGO parties joined the formal negotiations that will culminate in new spawning & rearing habitat and a healthy river.


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2021 Membership Rosters available

by 2021 Membership Rosters available

Membership Rosters are now available by email request, or can be picked up on August 4th at the Sherriff Posse BBQ first monthly meeting of the year @ 1227 Ocean St Ext. Should you not be able to attend, or would like an electronic version, please send me an email @
I would also like to thank Carly Blanchard for her technical assistance in formatting the Roster for final printing by Community Printing.

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Beginner’s Roll Cast Instruction

by Mark Traugott

Image from

Beginner and novice fly casters who are interested in instruction in the roll cast, one of two foundational techniques in fly casting, should plan on attending a lesson that will take place in Boulder Creek at 10 AM on Wednesday, July 28. If you would like to participate, please contact me at 831-338-6056 or via email at so that I can sign you up, give you directions, and discuss any equipment issues. The plan for July is for one hour of systematic group instruction followed by an additional hour of general practice and socializing. I am presuming that most participants will have their own rod, reel, and floating line. (A loaner rod or two may be available for those who do not have their own.) If there is sufficient interest, we could follow up in August with a similar session devoted to the “Pick-up and Lay-down” or basic overhead cast. More specialized techniques for experienced casters could become the focus of future sessions. It all depends on the level of member interest, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me know if you would like to participate.

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Fishout Schedule – July update

by John Cook -- Fishout Chairman

DateLocationTarget SpeciesFishmaster
July 3, 5:45amManresa BeachSurf Perch (DATE CHANGE)Mark Traugott, 831-338-6056
July 13-17Loreto, Baja SurSaltwater FishingRich Hughett (831) 595-0288
Aug. 7, 6amRio Del Mar BeachSurf Perch and other speciesJeff Gose (831) 227-0722
Sept. 4, 6:30amManresa BeachSurf Perch and other speciesSam Bishop (831) 476-6451
Sept 4-12AlaskaRainbow, Salmon and Dolly VardenRoy Gunter (831) 809-0316
Sept 18-25Mammoth LakesTrout (2 SPOTS OPEN)John & Elaine (831) 688-1561
Sept 26- Oct 2Mammoth LakesTrout (CONDO FULL)John & Elaine (831) 688-1561
Oct. 9, 7amPalm BeachSurf Perch and other speciesSam Bishop (831) 476-6451
Oct. – Nov. TBAO’Neill ForebayStripersSteve Rudzinski (831) 462-4532
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Manresa State Beach Surf Fishing July 3, 2021

by Fishmaster - Mark Traugott, 831-338-6056

The July Surf Fishout will take place at Manresa State Beach, on Saturday, July 3rd. The sun will rise at 5:53 a.m., and the tide will be high at 6:54 A.M. We will meet at 5:45 A.M. at the entrance to the State Park at 1445 San Andreas Road. Park outside and just past the park entrance where there is space for a half dozen cars. There are a couple more spaces on the opposite side of the street. If all the available spaces are full when you arrive, go a quarter mile further along San Andres Rd. and turn right onto Oceanview Drive. Park at the end of that street, along the fence on the right, and take the stairs down to the beach where you can eventually join the rest of the group. For details regarding equipment and technique, check the excellent instructions on surf fishing that Sam Bishop has published on our club website. The basic equipment is a five- to 8-weight rod with an intermediate to full-sinking line or sinking tip. Any type of Clouser pattern or anchovy fly will work for stripers, and small bonefish patterns (for example, Gotchas) will catch perch, especially if they have red or orange highlights. The only surf-specific piece of essential equipment is a stripping basket, which Sam makes and sells for $20 to benefit the club. Make contact with him in advance, or let me know if you would like to borrow or purchase a stripping basic on July 3.

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Alaska Trip

Roy Gunter writes:   I am offering to sponsor a fishout to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska leaving on September 4, 2021 and returning on September 12, 2021. Limited to 4 participants including Roy. We will stay in the Riverside Cabin at the Eagle Landing Resort in Cooper Landing, AK (go to to check out Resort and Cabin). Trip will be fishing the Kenai River, Russian River and nearby creeks, targeting rainbows and dolly varden, but catching many salmon along the way. Trip includes 2 guided trips on the Kenai River, including at least one boat trip down the Kenai River Canyon to the delta of Skilak Lake. You will have to provide your own airfare to Anchorage and return, which can be arrange for virtually no charge if you obtain an Alaska Airlines Credit Card.  Alaska Airlines now flies out of Monterey. However, a rental car is included in the trip. Food and beverages are included and obtained from Costco and Carrs Supermarket for preparation at the cabin. Since I am cooking for the most part, meals are gourmet including wine and/or other beverages. Since I am an Alaska Air card holder, over the last 20 years I have never exceeded $2,000 for the entire trip, including the cost of a motel before flying out, and once paid only $770. Couples are welcome, but there is only one queen bed in a separate bedroom. Other Club Members who have accompanied me include: Bob Monaco, Steve Rawson, Milana Rawson, Daneen Gunter, Don Foskett, Gary Hazelton, Harry Petrakis, Mark Traugott and Gil Santos. Requirements: $1,000 deposit subject to forfeit unless you find a substitute fisherman to accept your spot and you must have recieved all of your covid vaccinations at least 14 days prior to departure. Prior participants have priority. If interested please contact Roy Gunter at 831-809-0316 or email at

Sam Bishops adds some insight on the Alaska Airlines Credit Card opportunity:  “Buy a new Alaska Airline card and get 50,000 miles if you spend $2,000 in 2 or 3 months. $75 for the card, but you get a free bag. Without it the first bag is $40. I just got a new card for about the fourth time. I let the old one expire and get a new one for the mileage. I paid the house insurance on the new one and bingo I am covered.”

Contact: Roy Gunter 831 809 0316 email is best.

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Mammoth Fishout

by John Cook fishmaster-- (831)688-1561 or (831)234-6515

Dates:  This fishout will take place over two consecutive one-week periods. You may sign up for one or both weeks. Week 1: Sept  18 – 25.     Week 2:  Sept 26 – Oct 2.

Location: The town of Mammoth Lakes is located on the eastern side of the Sierra, 6 or 7 hours drive from Santa Cruz. There are many lakes and streams in the area to fish.

General: We will be staying in condominiums in the town of Mammoth Lakes. Condo has a lovely hot tub, so bring your suit. Two people per bedroom. Most people bring a sleeping bag to share king size bed or a pad and sleeping bag to sleep on floor. A private room option is possible at an increased fee.

Cost:  Covers 7 night’s lodging and 3 meals per day. $320/week, $640/two weeks. $535/week for a private room. $ is not refundable unless someone takes your place. Any unused funds will be used for prizes at the annual fund raiser.

Food Preparation: Breakfast and lunch items will be purchased by the fishmaster ahead of time. Each person will be assigned a Kitchen Day. On that day, tasks will include setting out breakfast and lunch items, store unused food, and preparing the evening meal and clean up afterwards.

SignUps: Call John Cook letting him know which week or both or private room. ASAP or up to May 1st. We will be leaving town mid May, so need to put things together and confirm reservation by then. Receiving your $ will reserve your spot. I will maintain a waiting list and, if space becomes available you will be notified by phone, even while we are on summer vacation. Deliver your $ by mail ( PO Box 2822, Aptos, Ca. 95001 ) or deliver in person. (215 Treasure Island Ave., Aptos , Ca. )

Covid Issues: All participants must have completed the vaccine regiment at least one month prior. Must be free of symptoms.  If negative public health issues arrive, the fishout will be canceled and $ returned.

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The Registers enjoying the Trinity Alps

We just finished up a week at Coffee Creek in the Trinity Alps.  Mostly rainbow planters in the creeks, unless you hike in deeper. Then it is the occasional 8-inch rainbow or brook.  On a 100F day, the family traveled up to Kangaroo Lake (6,000ft) with our float tubes and raft.  Again, mostly planters, but about 20 degrees cooler at that elevation. Here is a picture of some of the family heading out into Kangaroo with their gear. Kangaroo is in the middle of nowhere, but  it is handicap accessible.

  • John & Kim Register
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Wild surf and fun fishing!

by Sam Bishop, Surf "Fishmaster"

Dateline 5 June 2021, 0530 hours:

It was a wild surf this morning at Palm Beach! 11 loyal members showed up at dawn ready to do battle with the wild surf, sea lions and barred perch. Their skills produced 20 – 25 or so  barred perch. A rather large sea lion patrolled the area regularly and I suspect that is why no one caught a Striper. Next month we fish Manresa.

Our group: Judy Johnson, Aaron Reisman, Todd Goudberg, Jeff Gose, Mark Traugott, Robert Eberle, John Davis, Joe Clark, Sean Hyslop, Kirk Mathew and yours truly, Sam Bishop

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Northern Calif. Council, Fly Fishers International July 2021 Report

by Mark Rockwell, FFI President

Greetings to all and I’m glad to say that we are continuing to see COVID cases diminish in most of our region.  I am hearing that many of our clubs are again holding fishing retreats and scheduling in-person club meetings.  This is all good!

NCCFFI is working for the future of Fly Fishing 

  • Developing a stronger connection with our clubs to improve relationships, communication & better protect our watersheds through conservation. 
  • Improving and re-modeling our website.  Our goal is to have a good looking & informative website that has club activity information, conservation actions, educational opportunities & more.  We hope to have the site up by early July.
  • Strategy group working on goals & objectives for the next 3-5 years. We will be working over the next several weeks to develop a vision and working set of actions to meet the needs of our clubs, members and our fly fishing community.  We expect this to take a couple of months, but it will put us on the road to stability and being able to continue to build the fly fishing community we know is important to the future. 
  • Things to look forward to:  Better club support for your projects; Enhanced support for fly fishing by the Council by our work at the ISE show & Fly Fishing Show; Continued Council-club communications; enhanced connection with FFI programs and events; Better learning opportunities for all through Council level education programs.


Fly Fishers International (FFI) – Working for our Sport & it’s members

  • New – Virtual Expo November 5-7, 2021 – enjoy all FFI has to offer from home on your computer!  This appears to be a new & exciting way to enjoy your organization, yet learn and support your sport. This promises to be a great event that is full of information & opportunity.


Women Connect – Within NCCFFI & FFI

  • NCCFFI & Women Connect:  We have a local group of Women Connect, and our Council is proud to say Anne Marie Bakker,, is our Council connection.  Contact her to find out more and join.  


It’s important to understand that both NCCFFI and FFI are working hard to help our sport on many fronts.  FFI is the only organization we have that is only focused on fly fishing and All fish in all waters.  Being a member means you support fly fishing and its future.  Join today: