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by Elaine Cook - fly tying chairman

When you talk about a “go to fly”, this has to be one of them. It’s an emerging caddis pattern, is easy to tie, uses few materials, floats nicely, lands on the water easily, and fish like it very well. NOTE: Directions are written for a size 16 hook. Adjust amount of material for other sizes.
HOOK: TMC 100, SIZES 14–20.    Crimp barb.
THREAD: olive or tan (to match body) 8/0.
Attached behind eye.
Touching wraps to mid shank.
SHUCK: ginger or amber , Micro Zelon,  Sparkle Emerger Yarn, or spooled Antron.
Separate fibers with bodkin.
Moisten fibers for easy handling.
Select about five strands.
Lay on top of shank, tips extending two shank lengths beyond eye.
Tie in place with 3 to 4 wraps.
Fold the forward Zelon to the rear.
Tie place with touching wraps to rear of shank.
Cut Zelon to shank length.
BODY: olive or tan Antron dubbing.
Dub a cigar shaped body forward to one eye length behind eye.
Trim wild hairs.
WING: Deer hair – medium thick fiber, with tips marked.
Cut clump of fibers from hide.
Clean out under fur. Finished clump should equal size of a wooden matchstick.
Hold clump above shank, tips above center of shuck.
Make one wrap around hair only, then three or four around hair and shank. The hairs will flare.
Stroke, butt fibers forward and upward into a bundle out over the eye.
Hold wing hairs in a bundle to the rear on top of the shank.
Make 10 touching thread wraps to the rear making a collar.
Advance thread to behind eye     That’s good honey
Bring forward hair upward and forward into a clump.
Cut hair fibers at an angle so they equal two eyed lengths long. See photo.
Half hitch behind eye 4-5 times.
Cut thread.
Super Glue to  collar and tie off threads.