Date:  12/2/2020

Time:  7:00 pm

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Bass fishing Clear Lake, using the Float and Fly technique

by Program Coordinator: Jim Black

Ryan Williams is going to join us again.  This time he will be discussing Clear Lake and more about his Float and Fly technique.

After Ryan’s earlier presentation in August about Lake Oroville, Sam Bishop and his friend fished with Ryan after the presentation to the Club. Sam enjoyed fishing with Ryan and suggested we have him do another Zoom Presentation.

Ryan’s expertise covers major Rivers and Lakes, among which are the Lower Sac, Clear Lake, Lake Oroville, and most fish in which we will are interested: Smallmouth and Black Bass, Stripers, Trout, and Steelhead. He will be presenting Bass fishing Clear Lake, using his Float and Fly technique

I’ve included his web address above as before and suggest you visit his website. I did in August and found it informative, interesting and fun, all set to music!