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August NCCFFI update

by Mark Rockwell - NCCFFI President

The Heat Is On
Mother nature is serving up a blow this summer? 2021 is way hotter than average across much of the United States. What does that mean for trout? What does that mean for those of us that fly fish for trout? These questions have been on the minds of many of us this past month as temperatures soared here in California and across the west.

In the heat of summer, water temperatures increase, which can be troublesome and often fatal for trout, especially during extended periods. If water temps get above 68 degrees Fahrenheit, fish begin to struggle to breathe, get stressed and need a little extra TLC from us. How hot is too hot for trout? Here are a few tips courtesy of Trout Unlimited based on water temperature:

  • Below 65 °F – Fish are happy, healthy, hungry, and ready for a fight.
  • 65 – 68 °F – Trout are starting to slow down and are feeling the heat. Rope up with heavy tippet and land fish quickly. Skip the picture and give them plenty of time to revive before release.
  • Over 68 °F – Heads up: Too hot for trout. Trout are feeling stressed and need a break! Mortality rates increase even with proper handling. 

How do you tell if the water is too warm and causing the fish stress? Pack a fishing thermometer with you and when you get to the stream check the water temperature. If the water is too hot (out of the trout comfort zone), have a beer, take a nap, read a book, chase warm water species, fish a spring creek or a tailwater, or head for the high country and try again when the water temperatures drop. In other words, give the trout a break. We all have a responsibility to protect the trout we love.
My Personal Actions for Trout This Summer
I will always carry a thermometer and check water temperature every
hour. If water temperature goes above 65 degrees I will stop fishing.
I will consider not fishing cold water fish if air temps go above 95
degrees and water temps are not below 65.

  • I will consider fishing only early morning & late evening. Measure water temperature before starting, hourly thereafter, and I will stop if temps go above 65.
  • Every day will be different. Some days just will not be trout days.
  • I will consider only fishing warm water fish if the heat prevails, and I will do so into the Fall and until water temps are below 65 throughout the day.

The point here is to protect our cold water fish so they will be with us in the winter and next year. As some of you already know, Oregon has issued a set of regulatory changes to protect its fisheries (see emergency regulations for angling zones: ).

We’ve not yet heard anything from CDFW but I do expect it. Let’s band together and do our part to care for and protect our fisheries in this, our most severe summer in years, if not ever. I salute all of you who join me in this effort. We’re in this together – we and our fish.

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Northern Calif. Council, Fly Fishers International July 2021 Report

by Mark Rockwell, FFI President

Greetings to all and I’m glad to say that we are continuing to see COVID cases diminish in most of our region.  I am hearing that many of our clubs are again holding fishing retreats and scheduling in-person club meetings.  This is all good!

NCCFFI is working for the future of Fly Fishing 

  • Developing a stronger connection with our clubs to improve relationships, communication & better protect our watersheds through conservation. 
  • Improving and re-modeling our website.  Our goal is to have a good looking & informative website that has club activity information, conservation actions, educational opportunities & more.  We hope to have the site up by early July.
  • Strategy group working on goals & objectives for the next 3-5 years. We will be working over the next several weeks to develop a vision and working set of actions to meet the needs of our clubs, members and our fly fishing community.  We expect this to take a couple of months, but it will put us on the road to stability and being able to continue to build the fly fishing community we know is important to the future. 
  • Things to look forward to:  Better club support for your projects; Enhanced support for fly fishing by the Council by our work at the ISE show & Fly Fishing Show; Continued Council-club communications; enhanced connection with FFI programs and events; Better learning opportunities for all through Council level education programs.


Fly Fishers International (FFI) – Working for our Sport & it’s members

  • New – Virtual Expo November 5-7, 2021 – enjoy all FFI has to offer from home on your computer!  This appears to be a new & exciting way to enjoy your organization, yet learn and support your sport. This promises to be a great event that is full of information & opportunity.


Women Connect – Within NCCFFI & FFI

  • NCCFFI & Women Connect:  We have a local group of Women Connect, and our Council is proud to say Anne Marie Bakker,, is our Council connection.  Contact her to find out more and join.  


It’s important to understand that both NCCFFI and FFI are working hard to help our sport on many fronts.  FFI is the only organization we have that is only focused on fly fishing and All fish in all waters.  Being a member means you support fly fishing and its future.  Join today:

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Annual Salinas River launch-site cleanup

Geoff Malloway from Central Coast Fly Fishing writes on Facebook: “Another successful Salinas River cleanup!  We had an exceptional turnout thanks to the Salinas Valley Flyfishers, the Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen, CDFW , AmeriCorps and Trout Unlimited. Also, special thanks to Jefferson Farms (Jay and Benji) and MPWMD.  A lot was accomplished but there’s always more to do.”

The Salinas Valley Fly Fishing club have been doing this cleanup for years right before the December opening of the Salinas river.  There were about 25 people total who helped on the morning of November 22nd.   SCFF was represented by Jeff Gose, Jeff Slaboden, Sam Bishop and Scott Kitayama. Great to meet people from the other organizations.


If you are fishing any of the coastal rivers this winter, Tim Frahm from Trout Unlimited asks that you fill out the “Central Coast Striped Bass Catch Reporting Survey” which shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to fill out and will help better understand our local waters.  The survey can be found at    

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Fly Tying Tool – The Burner

by Sam Bishop

Have you ever put the dumbbell eyes a bit too close to the eye when tying a Clouser, then found that when you tied it all off, you just couldn’t keep some of the deer hair or synthetics out of the eye? Then when you tried to trim it out you risked damaging your expensive scissors?
Well, for something between $7 and $15 you can buy a thread burner, a device used by those who sew, and solve the problem once and for all. But if you buy one, be sure it has a replaceable battery.

Note the smoke in the picture.

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Volunteer for Salinas River Cleanup, Sunday November 22nd.

by Scott Kitayama, SCFF Member

Join the Salinas Valley Fly Fishers for the annual clean up of the Salinas River fishing access. The event will be on Sunday November 22nd starting at 9:00 am.  Jay Jefferson is the Salinas Valley Fly Fishers representative for this event.  Wear clothing for the weather of that day and if you can, bring gloves and a three prong hoe, as it’s the best tool.


  • Go South on Highway 1 towards Monterey
  • Follow CA-1 S to Molera Rd. Take exit 414 from CA-1 S and take Nashua Rd over the highway
  • Take the first right on Monte Road 1.6 miles to your destination.   This is a dirt parking lot on the left side of the road before the twin bridges.
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Local business for gear repair

by Elaine Cook

Have twice recently had the need for some work to be done on my float tube cover. I used the Santa Cruz Outdoor Gear Repair business. Good service, good work, reasonable, very Covid safe with no need to enter his building. He works on all kinds of stuff. Does not however repair waders or leaks. Located  in downtown Santa Cruz in Old Sash Mill .   303 Potrero St. Bldg. 45 Suite 101  (831)824-4176. Open Wed.-Sat.  His name is Peter and is a fly fisherman.

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Shelter in place at Goodwin Lake

by Elaine Cook for Roy Gunter

Roy has sponsored several club fishouts at his lovely 2 bedroom home at Goodwin Lake which is full of large rainbows. If you would like to escape from COVID for the next year, he will be leasing it out for $1,450 per month plus utilities. It includes a boat with motor the get around this beautiful private  lake. You can reach him at for more details.