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October 2022 Table of Contents

October General Meeting……………………
  Claire Buchanan ~ Bay Area Senior Project Manager for California Trout
  October Raffle
President’s Line…………………….
Fly Tying……………………
  Cicada – Fly Tying Class
  Olive, gold and white clouser
Conservation Concerns……………
  Conservation Organizations Thank Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Club
Fishout Schedule…………………

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Claire Buchanan ~ Bay Area Senior Project Manager for California Trout

Oct 05 6:30 PM Aptos Grange (in-person) and Zoom (online)

Claire is the new Senior Project Manager for the Bay Area Region of California Trout. She came on board to help add capacity specifically in the South Bay as well as Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. She comes to Caltrout with a broad range of fisheries experience, from agency work to ecological consulting, and has a passion for fishing and the outdoors. Her expertise is California native trout. She has had the privilege to be involved with the management and conservation of all eleven of California’s native trout…has caught a few of them too.

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October Raffle

End of Summer Raffle! This month we have three great prizes. Winners get the choice of a 4-piece 9-foot rod & reel set (5 WT, 6WT, or & WT), hand-tied striper flies by Lee Haskin (Perfect for the Forebay), or a set of Motorola Walkie-Talkie units with batteries included!

The ticket sales are open and close at noon 10/5 the day of the meeting. 

Click on this link to purchase tickets:

Tickets are a dollar each, $20 bucks get you 25. The drawing of tickets will take place at the monthly meeting. Club membership is not required to participate, need not be present to win.

Support your club, buy a raffle ticket!

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Getting Through the Storm, Planning the Future

by Getting Through the Storm, Planning the Future!

Well at this writing, Mona and I are in Florida helping Emily batten down the hatches for Hurricane Ian which is set to bring heavy rains and winds to her community near Ocala.   It is practically a divine appointment, because this trip was a last-minute plan, no hurricane in the picture, just some time to get out to help our daughter with her place and visit.   Getting out may be equally as interesting since we’re supposed to leave right as it grazes Gainesville with heavy rain.

Planning.  How many times have we planned something and then it doesn’t happen, or something changes our plans – like COVID?!    Well, that’s what happened to our Annual Dinner / Fundraiser many of us have cherished and looked forward to for decades.   That event is so much fun, most of us who plan, volunteer, and participate, know it is a full day of fun together – and the very next best thing to fishing together.   All the prep beforehand, coffee and donuts in the morning – just like fishing together.   Covid really put a damper on this for the last couple of years, which seems like centuries – BUT – no more.   Hang on to your britches family – we are going to have the Annual Fundraiser again – on February 18th.   Mark your calendars.     More to follow, but plan for an event that starts early in the day, is full food, fun, the installation and acknowledgement of our members, board members and other fun stuff, AND the raffle!!    This has normally been our largest fundraising event for our facility, conservation funds, events, and our scholarship fund.    So stay tuned for more.

The fly-tying classes are back in full swing at the Grange, the second Wednesday of the month.  If you are interested in taking some wintertime to tie up some bugs – get to the basics and other good foundational techniques and tools to use for your own fly-tying.  I love tying flies on those shorter winter rainy days and evenings.  If you haven’t ever taken a class – great!  Reach out to Elaine Cook and you’re in.  We all started with ugly bugs that still caught fish!

We will have another casting class at Jade Street Park last Saturday in October, so please stay tuned.   We can work on single hand Spey techniques which are excellent for some of our local Steelhead waters when that time comes this fall and winter.   And for those of you wanting to work on anything else – we’re game – bring it!!

Fish-outs for the 2023 year are already getting on the calendar.  Check it out.   Make a plan ahead of time.    If you want to join us at Kennedy Meadows on Sonora Pass next year and you want to stay in a cabin – even a small one – get on the list with them now.    Most cabins book nearly a year in advance.  It’s a beautiful place to be in the summer.

I am super grateful for our board – your board, and all they have done to help you make the very best of your own fly-fishing dreams.   We are continuing to develop our “hybrid-meetings” and kudos needs to go out to Scott Kitayama and Tommy Polito for continuing to improve this experience, despite some of the pitfalls.    We are still working on getting speakers to physically come to the meetings, but some of them are just so good we will likely continue to have some of our speakers via zoom.

Thanks, Jeff Goyert, for making the best raffle in all the Northern California clubs.   The prizes are awesome and the opportunity for every member to participate is the best thing we can offer the membership.  Don’t forget – those raffle dollars go directly into the clubs scholarship and conservation funding, amongst other club necessities.

I’ve read a couple of good books lately.  Of course, they revolve around that which makes our fly-fishing enjoyable.   Both books are eye openers.  One more scientific; the other more passionate, deep, compelling, mysterious.  Both a very good read.  First one, “Salmon Without Rivers”, by Jim Lichatowich.   An easy-to-read scientific write about the history of salmon and steelhead and her delicate and vital habitat.   Thank you, Carly Blanchard, for allowing me this good read.  If you don’t know what we did to the rivers, habitat and other species just barely 150 years ago – you need to read this.    Another good one is “My Story as Told by Water”, David James Duncan.    A series of chapters around all forms of trout, steelhead, salmon, some deep passionate and activist revelations, some significant successes, and some interesting takes on Salmon from the perspective of how they were perceived long before we turned them into an industry.  Thank you Jeff Goyert for this one.  I highly recommend both books.   Would love to hear what you guys read as I’m needing a new one.   I suppose if you write to me with a suggestion, it means you read this President’s message!

Thank you to everyone who has been active in the club.   I love seeing all the enthusiasm, new ideas, new members.   I love getting to know you even if I only see you once or twice a month.   For me, the club is a respite from the storm I look forward to so often.    And as we are getting back to the Grange in person, it sure is fun seeing you now more often or even the very first time.

Spread the word – the plan is it keeps getting better and better because of you.    See you soon.


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Fly Tying Class – October

Oct 12 6:15 PM : Cicada


If you plan to dry fly fish for trout anywhere in the world it’s a good idea to have a few of these flies in your box. A lot of club members fish the Green River in Utah and if you go there in the spring, this is a must have fly. To protect people from Covid during our class, if you are not vaccinated and boosted wear a mask. Otherwise wearing a mask is recommended for all. Please bring your vice tools and light. Also 6/0 black thread. Some tools, vices and thread will be available for beginners who are always welcome. The class is free and all other materials are provided.

Future tying classes. Dates and subject may change, please go to URL to see the current information.

Fly for Class Date Excerpt
Blow Torch - November Fly Tying ClassNov 09 Blow Torch - November Fly Tying Class

A must have steelhead fly.

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Olive, gold and white clouser

by Elaine Cook, fly tying chairman

HOOK: Mustad 34007 size 1/0 or 2/0
THREAD: white flat waxed nylon
EYES: barbell eyes-white with black pupil
BELLY: 1.Doug’s Bugs Motion Flash-pearl (similar to Krystal Flash or Mega Baitfish Emulator. These are thicker strands. So use fewer.)
2. Gold craft fur.
3. White or cream craft fur.
BACK: Zap-A-Gap or similar glue.

  1. Crimp barb.
  2. Attached thread behind eye. With touching wraps, cover front 1/2 of shank. Position thread 1/2 way between hook eye and point.
  3. Attach eyes to top of shank with figure 8 wraps and wraps around base of barbells. Apply glue to thread wraps. Advanced thread to  in front of eyes.
  4. Using about 15 strands of flash, cut in half, bundle.  NOTE: If using other materials, they at thicker strands, so use less. Also when fibers bundled they should be 5 inches long. Place center of bundle in front of eyes, tie in place with two wraps. Fold forward strands rearward and tie in place with 2 wraps behind eyes.
  5. Advance thread to in front of eyes. Cut patch, about 1/2 inch by 3/4 inch, of gold craft fur and clean out fuzz. Tie in butt ends snuggly up against eyes. Then wrap down with two wraps behind eyes.
  6. Advanced thread to in front of eyes. Cut and prepare patch of white craft fur, about 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch, as above. Tie in as above.
  7. Advance thread to in front of eyes. Tie a half hitch. Reposition hook upside down vise.
  8. Prepare olive craft for, 1/2 inch by three-quarter inch, as above. Tie in only in front of eyes. Wrap down but ends forming a tapered nose.
  9. Whip finish, cut thread, apply glue to nose and fibers between eyes.
  10. Trim extra long fibers to shape fly. Overall length of fly should be about 3 inches.

Having clousers to fish for stripers is essential. Here’s one to try next time you go for these powerful fish.

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Conservation Organizations Thank Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Club

by Bob Garbarino

In case you missed the September meeting, I want to revisit one of the important annual SCFF traditions: donations to support conservation organizations. Two of these organizations, CalTrout and the Coastal Watershed Council, received donations. I wanted to share with you thank you letters from them. Through your membership and participation in our fundraising activities, our club is able to support CalTrout, Coastal Watershed Council and other conservation organizations that help repair, enhance and preserve our fisheries.  Thank you!

From the CalTrout website:
“At California Trout, we work to ensure healthy waters and resilient wild fish for a better California. It’s our belief that abundant wild fish indicate healthy waters and that healthy waters benefit all Californians. With more than sixty large-scale conservation projects underway, in tandem with public policy efforts in Sacramento, our six regional offices work tirelessly to advance our cause through a three-pillared approach to conservation.”

Letter from CalTrout:

Dear Bob,
Thank you so much for your gift of $500.00 received on 09/08/2022. Our vision of a California with healthy waters flowing from headwater to sea, where the diversity and resilience of our waters and fish match that of the people throughout our state, is achievable.
We are working harder than ever! Your contribution directly supports:
Removal of Rindge Dam and upstream barriers to restore Malibu Creek watershed which includes critical habitat for endangered Southern steelhead.
Working to establish baseline science on the Klamath River to capture variability and response in the post-dam removal era.
Recreating a healthy ecosystem in Humboldt Bay by restoring Cochran Creek estuary, which has been cut off from the ocean and no longer provides quality habitat to native fish and other wildlife.
Tracking coho and more in Walker Creek while monitoring water quality and temperature to better understand conditions for endangered salmon and threatened steelhead.
Expanding our presence in two new regions critical to habitat recovery and statewide impact: Battle Creek and Sacramento.
Building our Outreach and Education Program to effectively foster the next generation of conservationists, one that mirrors the diversity of our state.
Together, we will leave California a better place for future generations.
Yours in resilience,

Casey O’Sullivan
Membership Manager

From the Coastal Watershed Council website:

“The Coastal Watershed Council is transforming the lower San Lorenzo River into a community destination by inspiring people to explore, enhance and protect this critical natural resource.”

Letter from the Coastal Watershed Council:

Dear Bob and members of the Santa Cruz Fly Fishing club,

Thank you for being among the growing group of people committed to transforming the lower San Lorenzo River into a place where all Santa Cruzans can connect to nature in their daily lives.

Your donation of $250, received on August 31, 2022, matters so much. Together, we’re enhancing native habitat, improving water quality, and engaging thousands of youth through environmental education and leadership development. With your gift to the Coastal Watershed Council, we’re increasing positive activity along the river and the Santa Cruz Riverwalk, an urban park that lines its banks.

l’d welcome an opportunity to walk along the Riverwalk, meet for a chat, or schedule a call to learn more about why you care about the watershed. Let’s talk!

Every day, l’m inspired by our vision of a thriving urban riverfront and the support of people like you. Thank you.

ln gratitude,

Laurie Egan
Executive Director

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Fishout Schedule – Oct 2022

mobile scrollable table 

Mammoth Fishout – UPDATED –Sep 23 - Oct 07Trout John Cook fishmaster-- (831)688-1561 or (831)234-6515
October surf fishout – Beer CanOct 07 Sam
Kelly Lake – Watsonville (bass, crappie) – CONFIRMED Oct 14Oct 14
O’Neill Forebay ‘Stosh’ Memorial FishoutOct 19 - Oct 22
Pyramid Lake Fish-out April 1 – April 7, 2024 – New InfoApr 01 - Apr 07Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Mike White - (831) 706-5556

Sep 23 : Mammoth Fishout – UPDATED –

Mammoth Fishout - UPDATED -
Mammoth Lakes (Click for address and map)
Fishmaster: John Cook fishmaster-- (831)688-1561 or (831)234-6515


Both weeks of this Fishout has been filled. I am maintaining a waiting list. There are three people on the list currently. If I get enough I will think about getting another condo. Please email or contact me directly for inquires. 

John & Elain Cook – Fishmaster

(831) 234-6515

Dates:  This Fishout will take place over two consecutive one-week periods. You may sign up for one or both weeks. Week 1: Sept  23 – Sept 30 .       Week 2: Sept 30 – Oct 7.

Location: The town of Mammoth Lakes is located on the eastern side of the Sierra, 6 or 7 hours drive from Santa Cruz. There are many lakes and streams in the area to fish.

General: We will be staying in condominiums in the town of Mammoth Lakes. Condo has a lovely hot tub, so bring your suit. Two people per bedroom. Most people bring a sleeping bag to share queen size bed or a pad and sleeping bag to sleep on floor. A private room option is possible at an increased fee.

Cost:  Shared single:  $450/wk, $900/2 wks,   Private room:  $800/wk,  $1,600/2 wks.   Dinner guests:  $20/meal

Food Preparation: Breakfast and lunch items will be purchased by the Fishmaster ahead of time. Each person will be assigned a Kitchen Day. On that day, tasks will include setting out breakfast and lunch items, store unused food, and preparing the evening meal and clean up afterwards.

SignUps: Call John Cook letting him know which week, both or private room. A significant down payment is required to secure our spot we need people to sign up as soon as possible. Should you need to cancel, you can find someone to take your place and get your money back.

Contact Ph #’s (831) 234-6515, (831) 688-1561

Covid Issues: TBD

Oct 07 : October surf fishout – Beer Can

October surf fishout - Beer Can
Beer Can Beach (Click for address and map)
Fishmaster: Sam

Our October surf fish-out is the last one scheduled for 2023 and will be at Beer Can Beach in Aptos. It will not be at Palm Beach. Beer Can is accessed by stairs on Via Palo Alto street in Aptos, between house numbers 1074 and 1094.

We will meet at 06:50, sunrise is at 07:08 . This is a residential neighborhood, so just gear up, sign my log and head quietly to the beach rather than congregate and talk that time of morning. If you need a stripping basket or flies, I will have them.

Starting about 9 am, Mike Lovejoy will be serving us breakfast on the deck at his home just up the street at 115 Driftwood Court. Normally we don’t ask for an RSVP, but if you do plan to attend breakfast, please let me know. Just drop me an email will be fine.

TIDE: High tide is a plus 4.0 at 07:55, so we will fish the crest of the tide from high flood to slack tide, to ebb.

It will be a great time with lots of fish and great comradery afterwards at Mike Lovejoy’s home.

Oct 14 : Kelly Lake – Watsonville (bass, crappie) – CONFIRMED Oct 14

(Click for address and map)
Fishmaster: Scott Kitayama
Location: Kelly Lake in Watsonville (Private lake limited to 10 people)
Species: bass,  crappie, bluegill
Duration: 1 day
Registration and Cost: No Cost, but you must contact Scott as the number of people fishing is limited.  Contact at

I am waiting on confirmation on this date, however I wanted to gauge the interest in this outing and put together a list of who wants to go whether on Oct. 14th or another date.

Meeting time and place: Be ready to leave the Starbucks at Riverside & Hwy 1 at 7:00 am.  Saturday Oct 14.
Equipment: Need to have float tube or kayak to fish the lake.    PFD required and walkie talkie encouraged.
6 wt with intermediate line for stripping leaches or bait patterns.

6 or 7 wt floating line for poppers or float-n-fly

Flies: Topwater:  frog pattern, sliders,  gurglers, poppers

Stripping:  bunny leach, midnight cowboy, micro-clouser

Indicator:  balanced leach, crappie jigs,  hares ear (sz 10 and larger)

What To Expect: Hopefully, cooler fall weather will kill off the weeds and get the bass .    There maybe  top water action, but most of the fishing will be done with a float-and-fly setup or stripping leaches and bait patterns.
Food: Bring lunch
Fishmaster Contact info: Scott Kitayama

650 279 5871




Oct 19 : O’Neill Forebay ‘Stosh’ Memorial Fishout

(Click for address and map)

Event: O’Neill Forebay ‘Stosh’ Memorial Fishout

Date: Thursday October 19 to Sunday October 22

(I chose this weekend for it’s ‘skinny’ moon, less night feeding for the fish)

Target Gamefish: Striped Bass

Location: Medeiros Campground located on the Southern Shoreline of the O’Neill Forebay, access off of Santa Nella Blvd. (Highway 33)

Hosts: Kevin Murdock

These are primitive campsites so bring your own water. There are tables, sun pavilions, and chemical toilets, or outhouses and fire rings. No open fires are allowed outside of the rings.

We (brother Terry & I) will be camping as close to site 29 as we can get. This is a first come, first serve campground, so no reservations are accepted. Float tubes can be launched near the campsites, but boats must be first inspected, then launched from the

San Luis Creek Boat launch. Boats may not be left on the lake overnight. Boaters would be wise to exit prior to the closing of the entry kiosk. The ranger can place a seal on your trailer, allowing you to bypass the inspection process the next morning.

The rangers at the kiosk by the Medeiros entrance may insist that your float tubes need inspection. make sure they’re clean & dry.

Equipment: 8wt rods with fast sinking lines. Some anglers will occasionally use a floating line with a ‘gurgler’ type fly

Flies: Lee Haskins San Luis smelt, ‘Deceiver’ type patterns in red, white, chartreuse, the aforementioned gurglers and poppers.

Float tubes (may require inspection for quagga mussels)

Fins, sunscreen, polarized glasses, life vest


Fly Fishing O’Neill Forebay for Stripers A fly-fishing addict who fishes San Luis Reservoir and the Forebay. Long time local fishing guide.

Forebay Water level:

There will be a signup sheet at our September and October meetings. We’ll also create a list for those hoping to participate in a pot luck Friday evening in honor of Steve ‘Stosh’ Rudzinski.

Weather conditions can vary dramatically, so it would behoove members to check prior to departure. You could email me or just get conditions on-line. High winds can cause the lake to be closed to all vessels.

This is one of our nearest Fishouts, with the possible payoff of a double digit fish! Don’t miss out!

Clinic for club members new to the Forebay.

On the morning of Saturday, October 14th, there will be a clinic for members who have not fished the Forebay before.  More info at:

Clinic for Forebay beginners – Oct. 14th

Apr 01 : Pyramid Lake Fish-out April 1 – April 7, 2024 – New Info

Pyramid Lake (Click for address and map)
Fishmaster: Mike White - (831) 706-5556

Pyramid trip starts the Monday after Easter in 2024.    SCFF will have 5 trailers which means lots of folks will be attending.  This is a bucket-list fishery.

The Pyramid Lake trip is one of the best-attended fishouts the club has, and for a good reason. Lahontan Cutthroat Trout cruise parallel to the shore in easy casting distance from shore. Cost for the week including meals and lodging and is around $300+ per person depending on the number in attendance. You need not fish all six days as there may be openings (usually later in the week.) Contact Mike for more details (831) 706-5556, to check on openings, or be put on a waiting list. First come first served.

You can also make your own arrangements either by bringing your own RV (Pyramid Lake Lodge has hook-ups and sells permits to park on the any of the beaches along the lake) or staying in Reno. Reno is 45 minutes away. Call Pyramid Lake Lodge to inquire about last minute cancellations in their cabins as well (775) 476-0400 and check out their website to see what the cabins look like at The General Store in Sutcliff offers meals on selected nights only to those who call in before 2:00 PM. Check at the General Store for details.

Equipment: 6-9 weight rods with hi-speed, hi-D shooting heads or fast sink integrated lines to fish the bottom in 6 to 9 feet of water, and a floating line for indicator fishing. You should bring a stripping basket and a ladder that will accommodate it. A ladder helps to get you up out of the cold water and enable you to cast out to where the fish are. You can still catch fish without one but not with near as much consistency.

Flies: Woolly buggers in black, white, purple, olive, midge, caddis and mayfly nymphs to name a few. If as in years past the Confab in February is offering the opportunity to see how some of the best Pyramid patterns are made plan to attend and bring a vise and tie some yourself. Flies may also available from club member Jim Hall who ties some very good flies specific to Pyramid cutthroat as well as other species at reasonable cost. His number is (831) 713-6835. There is a general store with provisions as well as tackle and an assortment of flies.

How to get there: Take US 80 to Reno-Sparks, take the Pyramid Blvd. off ramp and go north about 35 miles. Crosby Lodge is at Sutcliff, near the Ranger Station.

 If you have any questions about equipment or how to get there, check the “Gearing up” columns in the March 2007-2009 archives on our great club website, or call Mike White at (831) 706-5556. 

If you are considering going to Pyramid again this year with the club and you have not already done so, please contact the person who is booking the trailer you stayed in last year. Trailer-masters, if your trailer has gaps or cancellations, you can call Mike so he can pass the names of members who don’t have lodging to fill the empty spots. 

Fishing, Camping, and New Ladder Regulation:

Fishing and camping permits can be purchased online prior to the fish-out. We would highly recommend doing this. Go to to obtain your licenses. There is also an RV Park available at (775) 476-1155.

As with any great fishery there are always a long list of rules and regulations. We would recommend you review them on the website above. Suffice to say those of us who have been going to Pyramid Lake for many years are a good source of information as well. We will help inform and guide all newcomers.  15.6 USE OF LADDERS, ETC. Any ladders, milk crates, boxes or other objects used in the water as a fishing aid must be occupied or closely attended (i.e. remain in the area) by fishermen at all times. Any person who leaves such objects unoccupied in the water for more than one hour will be deemed guilty of littering. 15.6.1 Fishing aids described above must have a permanent tag affixed that has the name, address, and phone number of the owner of the fishing aid. If the permitted angler using the fishing aid is not the owner, the owner will be the responsible party for any infractions by the permitted angler. 

This year we have five trailers reserved. (6,7,8,9, and 10) As of September 1st 2021 we have 5 openings available. These openings will fill up quickly, so contact Mike immediately at (831) 706-5556. Last year was an incredible experience with many fish over 15 lbs brought to the net. If you cannot commit early and make it into one of our reserved trailers you can always make your own arrangements by contacting the Pyramid Lake Lodge at (775) 476-0400.

Mike White (831) 706-5556,

NOTE: Due to insurance regulations, all attendees must be paid up members of Santa Cruz Fly fishermen, so get your membership paid up if you haven’t done so yet.